How does the brain process written language? At the VU Amsterdam and partner institutions we address this question with a wide array of techniques.

  • Behavioural measures
  • Eye-tracking & Pupillometry
  • Computational modelling
  • Electro-encephalography

Latest news

  • New publication: Science versus commercial industry

    Every now and then companies pop up that claim to have methods to make you read better. But those claims aren’t always backed up by scientific evidence. Here we tested the latest craze – Bionic Reading – and unfortunately the data aren’t as spectacular as the company’s claims…  
  • New publication in Journal of Cognition

    Together with Research Master student Alline Nogueira-Melo, we have published a paper in Journal of Cognition. The paper can be found here. This study marks the latest investigation of the ‘Do love you me’ phenomenon, also known as the Transposed-Word effect.

  • New publication in Cognition

    Joshua has published a paper about the parallel processing of syntactic information in Cognition! You can find the paper here.

  • New publication in Psychological Review!

    The new PONG model has been accepted for publication in Psychological Review. Want to run simulations with PONG yourself? You can find the model code here:



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